Widget Runtime: WAC-1.0-Compliant Golden for Android

Hi guys,

It’s been a long trip, but we’ve finally arrived — today our lasting intensive work on a WAC-1.0-compliant runtime is finished, and we are proudly presenting the final Golden build that we are also demonstrating at the Mobile World Congress event! All WAC 1.0 APIs and features are now integrated; we have run the WAC compliance program and have sent the test results to WAC and the W3C.

Download the Android build.

But that’s not all! We care about our fellow widget developers out there, so we have a sneak-peak of the next generation of our developer tools: Eclipse packaging plug-in and Opera Widget Desktop Emulator with WAC 1.0 APIs support:

Windows version

Linux version

These tools ease the process of widgets development and allow developers to test and debug widgets before running them on the target devices.

Word of warning: the desktop emulator is in the early development phase, and it is of the Alpha quality, meaning that not all functionality is implemented, and some serious issues such as, but not limited to, crashes and freezes, may occur. Please install and try it at your own risk, and make sure to save all valuable data before running the emulator.

So, why not give it a try — just grab the build, try to build your first WAC widget using our dev tools and have fun! Or, you can just play with the build and download already available widgets from widgets.opera.com

You are always welcome to let us know what you think about our products, and this package is not an exception. We’re keen to hear your opinion — just post a reply in our forum, and we will follow up.

We would like to sincerely thank all our colleagues involved in the development of and release processes for these products.

We dedicate this release to the memory of our dear colleague Uliana Kumenova (1983-2011).