window.event, attachEvent, detachEvent, script.onreadystatechange

We don’t have a file for you this time, but want to highlight the latest 11.62 snapshot over at Desktopteam blog

This build has backported two recent Core changes of some compatibility impact, namely CORE-10115 and CORE-24242.


CORE-10115 performs the same trick we (and other browsers) have had in place for document.all for quite some time, hide it from detection, on window.event and {window,Node}.{attach,detach}Event

These properties were implemented in Opera for IE compat many years ago and have been a pain ever since, as many script do things like


We tried simply removing the support as a compat experiment a while ago but then we broke some scripts that first sniffed for Opera, then applied these.

The compromise is to hide them from detection, so that

	// this will NOT run
}else if(element.addEventListener){
	// this will run


element.attachEvent('click', function(){
	//this will still work


CORE-24242 aligns onreadystatechange behavior with HTML5. Until now, Opera fired these events various places (like <script>, <img> elements) for IE compatibility. Again this causes pain and we have been patching issues through browser.js for a long time.

So try this out and look for breakage.