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Creating TV Store Icons, Thumbnails and Screenshots

by Chris Mills in Tv

First impressions are very important for a successful product. It is therefore vital to take your time on graphics that represent your app, and polish them before you publish your work. This short guide provides some tips on making your application’s icon and other graphics the best they can be.

Opera TV Store App Templates

by Daniel Davis in Tv

Since the launch of the Opera TV Store, we’ve seen a variety of apps published by creators and enjoyed by users. The fact that our TV apps are built using web standards means that web developers can use their existing skills to create content for the TV platform. Developing for TV can still feel unfamiliar, however, so to make it easier we’ve created a couple of templates for common types of apps that content creators can freely use.

Functional Key Handling in Opera TV Store Applications

by Patrick H. Lauke in Tv

The Opera TV Store is designed to use the standard four-way directional keys on a remote control for spatial navigation. Authors may also choose to handle the navigation of their application themselves by intercepting key presses from the remote control, using a series of built-in global constants for each functional key.

Building Applications for the Opera TV Store

by Patrick H. Lauke in Tv

The Opera TV Store is a moderated, hosted catalogue of TV-specific web applications. Developers can submit and share their apps through this portal. This article outlines the Opera TV Store architecture and lists the requirements and acceptance criteria for submitting applications.