Accessibility Testing Tips and Tools Presentation

I was fortunate enough to get invited to speak about Accessibility testing tips and tools at Sussex University recently courtesy of Dr Graham McAllister.

I met with a great bunch of students who were all really enthusiastic not just about accessible web design but also accessible gaming and virtual worlds. I even managed to sit in to the end of a presentation given by a couple of guys on accessible gaming which was really interesting - ever heard of Wii-hab anyone? Eye-opening stuff. I also had a long chat with Sarah Lewthwaite who introduced her research into Facebook and accessibility in a lecture that followed mine

I thought I'd post my slides here for you to have a look through. They give an overview of testing methodologies as well as point to some tools and some examples of how to test images, heading structure, keyboard accessibility and so on. I've added in links and references where possible so that it can work as a stand alone tutorial but if you do have a question let me know.