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Architecture Overview

by Shwetank Dixit

We will take a look at the architecture of Opera extensions. This will cover the various building blocks of an extension and how they all fit together.

Buttons, Popups and Badges

by Shwetank Dixit

Buttons, popups and badges are one of most used UI elements in browser extensions. In this tutorial, we will go through all these various UI elements and see how to make use of them in an Opera extension.

Extension Templates and Samples

by Shwetank Dixit

This is a repository of all the example extensions to help you get started with making Opera extensions. These could be useful for just looking through the code and learning about extensions, or you could take any of these as a starting point and then edit them and build upon them for your own extensions.

Publishing Guidelines

by Andreas Bovens

This lists the publishing guidelines for extensions in Opera. These need to be followed in order an extension to be approved and published on the Opera Addons Catalog.

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