Opera Browsers, Modes & Engines

by Andreas Bovens in Articles

The Opera browser is available on a wide range of platforms, in a number of flavors with different modes, engines and levels of standards support. As things can get somewhat confusing, we decided to create a simple product overview that details some of these technical differences.

Fixing the scrollTop bug

by Simon Pieters in Articles

Which element scrolls the viewport when using scrollTop? This article explains what “the scrollTop bug” is and what we need to do to get it fixed. Your help is needed!

Sex, Houdini and the Extensible Web

Sex, Houdini and the Extensible Web

by Brian Kardell in Articles

To evolve the web and compete with native, we need a way to innovate and iterate faster — the Extensible Web principles, which have brought us Service Worker and Web Components. Project Houdini looks at how we can bring extensibility to CSS, too.

The State of Web Type

by Bram Stein in Articles

Typography has a long and rich history, but much has been lost in the transition to the web. Let’s take a look at some of the features we need for an optimal and beautiful reading experience.


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