Bruce at EuroPython 2010

I was honoured to give two talk at EuroPython 2010 today (including my first ever keynote!). Here are the resources and useful links.

Keynote: Open Standards: democratising and future-proofing the Web

The slides for this don't really make much sense by themselves, so I'm not weighing down the Web by posting them. However, here are the links that I talked about or demoed:

Opera Developer Network has some beginner's canvas tutorials available:

  1. HTML 5 canvas - the basics
  2. Creating an HTML 5 canvas painting application
  3. Creating pseudo 3D games with HTML 5 canvas and raycasting
  4. Creating pseudo 3D games with HTML 5 canvas and raycasting: Part 2

HTML5: The good, the bad and the quite interesting

A live coding demo, so again no slides!

Some other resources:

I'll be at the dinner tomorrow night (Wednesday) and will be delighted to answer any questions about the wondrous world of Open Web Standards and HTML5.