Bruce’s Fronteers Presentation: HTML5 Semantics

Here's the talk I did for the Fronteers conference in Amsterdam. Its full title, playing equivalent Dutch idiom to "hair-splitter" (a common accusation to those of us who care about semantics) is "You too can be a bedwetting antfucker". So be warned if such a title isn't worksafe for you.

As well as looking at some of the new semantics, I wonder whether we need more than the current spec allows, then wonder whether semantics matter anyway (tl,dr: yes, they do) and suggest that, if you're just squirting obfuscated JavaScript down a line with no real semantics, and targeting one single rendering engine, you're really just reinventing Flash but with the browser as the plugin.

Here's the video of the presentation.

Links referenced in the presentation: