Developing for Opera Unite

How are we doing?

Yusef is used by developers to build their Opera Unite application. It is essentially a collection of libraries to help speed up application development.

Since the launch of Yusef in October 2009, we have made several changes to this framework. Let's take a look at two of them.


libraryLoader.js allows us to invoke libraries. With it, we can easily invoke the libraries in an Opera Unite application and choose the Yusef plugin using the Libraries.setTail function.

<script src="libraries/libraryLoader/librariesLoader.js"></script>

  Libraries.setTail( 'yusef.translation', 'yusef.ui', 'yusef.acl' );

Previously, we had to invoke the libraries manually.


Secondly, we also have a function call getData(), which is a wrapper to return plugin and application data. We can get a return of sessionId, sessionId, serviceName, servicePathHash, hostName, username, deviceName, isHomeApp, requestSection, requestPath, isLocal, isOwner and many more.

var data = Yusef.getData(connection);

var username = data.username; // Gets the username of the person if user is logged in

var isOwner = data.visitor.isOwner; // Tells us if the person is the owner of the application

What's next?

Looking forward, we would love to see more Opera Unite applications. If you want to win prizes while building a great application, you might want to check out our Opera Unite Weekly Application challenge.

For more on Yusef, check out Shwetank Dixit's Rapid application development using the Opera Unite Yusef library or the original article about Yusef - Opera Unite Server Framework.