Full of Resources

Many changes in the Resource Inspector have landed into an Experimental build of Opera Dragonfly. The main goal of this update is to give a more natural and focused access to the resources of your page or application.

The resources are no longer displayed in a flat table but organized in a structured tree representing the document, children documents and their various groups of resources such as markup, stylesheets, scripts, images, and so on.

This new Resource Inspector opens the resource previews in a single panel on the right hand side where you can perform inline searches.

More types of resources are recognized. For instance you can now preview web fonts and type any text to get a better feel of them.

The short description in the resource preview gives the encoding and MIME type sent to Opera along with the deduced type and a link to open the resource in a new tab.

This is a work in progress. Things might still feel a bit rough here and there. We will need your feedback to improve this feature of Opera Dragonfly. A few known issues:

  • The last selected tab is not remembered.
  • The position of the scrollbars is not remembered.
  • Keyboard navigation is missing.
  • SVG images might be interpreted as both image and frame.

However this is a first step towards a better Resource Inspector. Soon it will be possible to filter the structured tree of resources and to preview a whole group of resources at once. You might also notice some improvements to the profiler in this Experimental build of Opera Dragonfly. Enjoy ;)