Opera Desktop 10.51 Is Out and Fast

Fastest Browser

Opera 10.51 final for Windows is out now and is truly the fastest browser on earth.

Opera 10.50 has already proven to provide users with a super-quick experience. Based on Peacekeeper's benchmark results, Opera 10.51 for Windows takes the clear lead with a 27% increase in speed from our most recent version.

peacekeeper benchmark shows Opera 10.51 being the fastest

Figure: Peacekeeper browser speed benchmark

In this release, we have pushed to get as many fixes into 10.51, largely due to the terrific community feedback provided on 10.50. Thank you for your participation! If you'd like more details on exactly what we've done, see the Opera 10.51 Windows release change logs

For the curious minds, the machine specification that hit the highest benchmark score across all tested browsers is shown below.

machine specifications that has the highest score

Figure: Opera 10.51 benchmarked, fastest machine specification [as of 20th March 2010]

Most compliant JavaScript

Apart from bug fixes, we have also done numerous improvements to the Carakan JavaScript engine.

Sputnik - a new JavaScript conformance test suite produced by Google Labs, shows that Opera passes more tests that adhere to the ECMA-262 specification than other browsers compared.

Figure: Sputnik JavaScript conformance test

How about Unix and Mac?

We are not leaving our Unix and Mac friends behind, we already have snapshots for Unix 10.51 (albeit not final yet) and Mac closely follows with this snapshot.

Now, try it out!

Try out Opera 10.51 desktop for Windows today, and you might even be interested to see if the Opera 10.51 on your machine can beat the fastest machine benchmarked on Peacekeeper!