SVG Edit Standalone Widget

Who says that widgets can only be used for small, trivial apps? Certainly not Developer Relations' own Vadim Makeev, who took the open source, web-based, JavaScript-driven SVG-edit project and turned it into an amazing standalone widget that can hold its own against traditional desktop applications.

Widgets have been a part of Opera for a long time, but traditionally they required the browser to be running. In Opera 10.50 beta, we effectively decoupled the widget engine, allowing for standalone widgets that install and run just like native applications.

SVG Edit by Pepelsbey (requires Opera 10.50 beta)

SVG Edit by Pepelsbey

Key features of the widget include:

  • Comprehensive set of tools for vector drawing
  • Inclusion of raster graphics
  • Ability to load and save local SVG files
  • Layers (new in version 2.4)
  • User interface localization (with more languages planned for version 2.5)

For a list of issues and feature request, see

You can have an exclusive sneak-peek at the next version of SVG-edit, directly in your browser, at