What’s New in Opera Development Snapshots: 28 November 2011 Edition

A new snapshot of Opera 12 has been released. You can get details on where to download that Opera Next snapshot at the Desktop Team blog. So, lets see what is new.

  • Lots of fixes for WebGL and Hardware Acceleration

    Crashes on webGL tests, memory leaks have been fixed in this build. There was also an issue with letter-spacing in hebrew text which has now been fixed.

  • Big news! CORS!

    This snapshot also supports Cross-Origin Resource Sharing, or CORS. CORS safely circumvents the same-origin policy for JavaScript by allowing developers to white-list which origins may modify the DOM of a document.

    Without CORS, for example, a request from http://foo.example to http://bar.example using XMLHttpRequest will fail. With CORS, such a request is possible, provided http://bar.example includes http://foo.example among its allowed origins. Keep an eye out for our upcoming Dev.Opera article on CORS.

    Meanwhile, you can test some of the CORS demos around the web on this snapshot

  • Webform fixes

    The validation error popups for input fields with non-left text-alignment was too wide. This has been fixed. If you input a very large number in an input field of type number it used to throw an error. But this has been fixed.

  • Better support for Dragonfly

    This snapshot also includes a few fixes which makes using Dragonfly better. Also, Dragonfly just got the ability to render shortcut for CSS properties - all the more reason for you to take it for a spin!

Please do try it out and let us know if any of these do not work for you, or any other suggestions you might have!