Widget Runtime: WAC 1.0-Supporting Beta for Android

Hi, guys! Happy New Year! We are pleased to start it with the Beta release of our WAC 1.0-supporting runtime for Android.

This release is a “follow up”, including bugfixes, to our Alpha release from 2010. We are aiming for 100% compliance with WAC 1.0 specs by the MWC event in Barcelona, so there will be more bugfix releases before that :)

Download the Android build.

This build has all WAC 1.0 APIs implemented and we started official WAC 1.0 compliance testing on the HTC Desire device (Android 2.2); preliminary results are available here: compliance test results. Please note that compliance testing is not finished yet, and significant volumes of tests haven’t been executed, for instance, the digital signatures tests, which are currently being adjusted by WAC. We also fixed some serious bugs, particularly in camera, messaging and audio.

That said, this release completes the APIs integration work, and now we are primarily focusing on the stabilization and WAC 1.0 compliance program.

Please refer to the previous release’s post for details about building WAC applications, dev articles and more. We are always keen to hear your feedback — feel free to discuss with us in the Opera Widgets Forum.

We thank the whole team for their really hard work on this release. Let’s keep up the pace!

P.S. Check out our new widget utilizing Accelerometer API — Step by Step game!