Interview on W3C Blog

Andreas and I were interviewed by Ian Jacobs, Head of W3C Marketing and Communications, for the W3C Blog. Read the full interview here.

Here is a snippet from our conversation:

<blockquote class="bbquote"><p>IJ: Any advice for W3C? Where to focus? What to change?

DM: I'd like to see specifications become standards more quickly. I understand why they take time but it would be great to speed things up. Also, I'd like to see more developers and designers learn what to do "first hand" from the specifications. A lot of people get their information 2nd or 3rd hand from browser vendors. That also results in people creating apps that are specific to an old way of doing things.

AB: I agree that education of how to use web technologies the right way is important (as we said about vendor prefixes). It is important that people learn how to use features in a way that doesn't cause sites to fail on new devices, for example by using fallbacks.</p></blockquote>

We had a free-wheeling conversation around Opera, web standards, webkit monoculture, and what to expect in Opera 12. Many thanks to Ian Jacobs for conducting this interview!