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W3C20 Anniversary Symposium

by Andreas Bovens in Blog

Twenty years ago, Tim Berners-Lee founded the W3C, an international community that develops open standards. To mark this anniversary, W3C invites the web community to W3C20, a 3-hour symposium on the future of the web.

Media Capture in Mobile Browsers

by Francesco Iovine in Articles

Media Capture is one of the most interesting features in web applications, especially for mobile devices. Surprisingly capturing media on the spot is quite a new thing for browsers in general, until recently always being delegated to browser plugins such as Flash or Silverlight. In this article we will explore how to use the Media Capture APIs, their compatibility across mobile browsers and the current state of the W3C specifications that define them.

Making the Future Based on HTML

by Anne van Kesteren in Blog

The W3C recently renewed its HTML activity. Opera joined the new HTML Working Group to help shape the future of the web and so can you. The HTML Working Group allows virtually everyone to participate.