“Making Your Site Mobile-Friendly” Presentation at M-Days 2011, Frankfurt

Business-oriented conferences – where the air is blue with words like "synergy" and "monetisation", but said in a serious, non-ironic way – are not my scene. So generally I wouldn't go to events like the recent M-Days fair in Frankfurt. However, tireless grass-roots organiser Darren Cooper managed to set up a "community stage" side event, aimed specifically at developers and designers. I had to pleasure to once again evangelise about tips, tricks and ideas around mobile web development with a slightly expanded version of my "Making your site mobile-friendly" talk (aka "Webseiten für mobile Geräte", in German)

After the presentation I also participated in a panel discussion, together with Webkrauts founding member Jens Grochtdreis and accessibility expert Martin Kliehm.

Many thanks to all who attended – a great, attentive audience with lots of challenging and interesting questions during the panel. There's a nice recap of my talk and the panel discussion over on Darren's blog.