WebExpo in Prague

Having toured central Europe with the WebExpo guys in the summer, I was eager to join the actual WebExpo event in Prague this year. With a thousand registrants, this year's WebExpo covers a myriad of topics - from development, design, agile to startup sessions.

My talk was about Designing for the Mobile Web. The significant growth of the mobile sector is not only attributed to the smartphone boom, but also because many people in different parts of the world are actually using Internet for the first time via handsets. Designing for the Mobile Web has become increasingly important and there are several philosophies to it. One way is to take advantage of viewport meta tag and CSS3 media queries.

I introduced Opera's mobile emulator, a good tool to quickly test your site in an emulated mobile environment whereby you can use Opera Mobile emulator to play with the resolution, screen size, UA string settings and such.

Opera Dragonfly and it's remote debugging capabilities are equally useful. Remote debugging comes handy when you want to debug your site on a physical mobile phone. Just connect your Opera Mobile in your phone to Opera Dragonfly debugger on your desktop using a local private IP (video demo), from there you can edit from your desktop and see the results right away on your mobile phone.

Here's the slides.