State of the Mobile Web Report

Opera publishes a monthly report called State of The Mobile Web. It tells the world how the mobile web is shaping up by analyzing key metric data from Opera Mini usage across the globe.

We have had nine issues published so far, each having a different focus. Some focus on special interest, while others on geography. For example, our latest issue is all about Social Networking Sites usage and ranking.

Some notable findings in the past reports are:

  1. More than 6.4 billion pages have been transcoded in December. A person using Opera Mini viewed approximately 360 pages on average in December. (December issue)

  2. Since its worldwide launch in 2006, more than 44 million people have downloaded and used Opera Mini. (April issue)

  3. Almost 40% of traffic worldwide is to social networks. In some countries, such as the United States, South Africa and Indonesia, the social Web accounts for more than 60% of the traffic. (April issue)

  4. The Full Web surfing comprises more than 77% of all traffic. Content on WAP and .mobi sites accounted for 23% of mobile Web traffic. This share continues to decline as more consumers both use Opera Mini to access rich Web content and become more comfortable browsing the Web on their phones.(April issue)

The report shows us more and more people are browsing web pages on their mobile phones making it more important for web developers to build with mobile devices in mind. Tutorials and best practices when designing for mobile are available.

Also, Opera Dragonfly is a developer tool that allows you to remotely debug your web pages for mobile and TV from the comfort of you computer.

More findings in State of The Mobile Web.