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It’s Not the Power of the Phone, It’s the Network That Counts

by Bruce Lawson in Blog

The death of the feature phone is widely reported and greatly exaggerated. “Although we see a huge market ‘hype’ around smartphones, the fact remains that the India mobile handset market is still dominated by shipments of feature phones. On the other hand, smartphone shipments are growing fast” analyst Faisal Kawoosa said in a Times of India article reporting that smartphones comprise just 7% of the overall Indian handset market.

Opera Mini and JavaScript

by Tiffany Brown in Articles

Opera Mini is one of the world’s foremost mobile browsers, which runs on pretty much any device, even low-powered ones. It is a proxy-based browser, which has many advantages, including reducing the size of pages downloaded onto the user’s phone by up to 90%. On the downside, JavaScript can behave in unexpected ways when requested by Opera Mini. In this article we’ll discuss exactly what this means for your development work, in detail.

Origin of Opera Mini for Android

by Chris Mills in Blog

This article takes a look at one of Opera’s latest and greatest projects - the creation of an Opera Mini version that will run on Google’s Android open mobile development platform. Over the course of the article, we’ll explain why we created it, how, challenges we faced, and how you can try it out for yourself. We’d like to encourage you to try it out, and give us as much feedback as you possibly can. Enjoy!

Limited Opera Mini 3.0 Beta

by Thomas Ford in Blog

This is your chance to make Opera Mini even better and try out brand new features. During a limited time, on a first-come-first-served basis, we offer you the chance of trying out a preview of Opera Mini 3.0.