Opera 10.52 Final for Mac Is Out!

Hello everybody! I think I can speak for all Mac users when I say that I am really glad to see the final version of Opera 10.52 for Mac released. The final version has been titled Opera 10.52, skipping a couple of point releases to make sure the final version is of the highest quality possible, and ensuring that, once again, the Mac and Win versions are aligned.

This version has been a long time in the works because it has undergone a complete rewrite into Cocoa, to further improve performance and give it a more native Mac feel with more Mac-like dialog boxes, trackpad gestures such as drag two fingers to scroll and pinch to zoom, and support for the Growl notification system.

This version has the following user agent string:

Opera/9.80 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X; U; en) Presto/2.5.24 Version/10.52

The browser also features super-fast rendering thanks to our Vega graphics library and Carakan JavaScript engine. If you want to experience the speed for yourself and compare it to other browsers, install it and then run the Peacekeeper tests.

New web standards

In terms of new standards support, we have a treat for you! The newest additions are as follows:

You can get a quick overview of what new web standards are supported by looking at our Opera Browser Standards Support Chart.