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An Introduction to CSS Regions

by Chris Mills in Articles

CSS regions is a nascent CSS feature that provides a way for us to completely decouple our content from our layout, flowing specified content containers into layout containers to give us a lot of flexible power. This article provides a basic introduction to using regions and serving fallbacks to non-supporting browsers.

Understanding 3D Transforms

Understanding 3D Transforms

by Tiffany Brown in Articles

In this article we’ll dig in to 3D transforms in detail, looking at the fundamental differences between 3D and 2D transforms, the 3D transforms available, and some demos that show how these work.

CSS3 Multi-Column Layout

by Molly E. Holzschlag in Articles

Multiple column design that allows text to flow naturally from column to column depending on width and other parameters has proven invaluable in print design, crossing languages, cultures and a range of media. The good news is that now it is coming to web design, courtesy of the CSS3 Multi-column Layout Module. In this article we show you how to get to grips with it.

Cross-Browser CSS box-shadows

by Rustam Gaffanov in Articles

CSS3 box-shadow is a very useful property — creating drop shadows programmatically can save web designers a lot of time in image editing software. However we have a problem if we need to replicate those shadows in Internet Explorer, which does not support this property. In this article, we present a cross-browser solution that uses box-shadow in supporting browsers, and IE filters to fake the drop shadows in IE.

CSS3 Borders, Backgrounds and Boxes

by David Storey, Vadim Makeev, Zi Bin Cheah in Articles

Opera 10.50+ comes with support for the CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders specification. Amongst them are border-radius, border-image, multiple backgrounds and box-shadow. Opera 10.60+ updates this support with box-decoration-break and an updated background shorthand. We’ll showcase all these and more through examples and explanations.

CSS Text Shadows and Background Sizing

by Christopher Schmitt in Articles

In this article Christopher Schmitt explores a couple of great new CSS design properties available in CSS3 — text-shadow for creating drop shadows, and background-size for automatically resizing background images as the browser window changes size. Exciting stuff indeed!