Opera Welcomes the W3C CSS Working Group

This week, Opera is proud to be hosting the W3C CSS Working Group here at Opera's home base in Oslo. We will be welcoming a range of guests from various browser and technology companies including Adobe, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, W3C representatives and invited experts.

The CSS Working Group, as most readers are aware, is responsible for the specifications that offer the presentational layer of standards-based Web development. CSS is advancing in leaps and bounds in theory, implementation and ultimately, practice. And with CSS3 features being all the rage these days, the work that we do in the CSS WG has direct impact on the work that designers and developers do, and how efficiently we can do them across browsers.

Keep an eye on my Twitter stream @mollydotcom - I'll be posting items of interest for readers. After the 3 day meeting, we'll have the minutes for public review, and I'll post the URL for those who'd like to see what we worked on specifically, and what resolutions were made.