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Media Capture in Mobile Browsers

by Francesco Iovine in Articles

Media Capture is one of the most interesting features in web applications, especially for mobile devices. Surprisingly capturing media on the spot is quite a new thing for browsers in general, until recently always being delegated to browser plugins such as Flash or Silverlight. In this article we will explore how to use the Media Capture APIs, their compatibility across mobile browsers and the current state of the W3C specifications that define them.

Opera for Devices: Out of Memory System

by DevRel Team in Tv

Opera for Devices provides powerful mechanisms to strictly limit the heap usage of Opera. Memory is an expensive commodity on many devices and different programs may compete for the limited resources with unpredictable consequences. With the Out of Memory (OOM) system it is possible to restrict Opera to a limited amount of memory while ensuring good functionality.

Tweaking Spatial Navigation for TV Browsing

by Daniel Davis in Tv

Opera’s spatial navigation is the most common navigation mechanism on web-enabled TVs and devices. It offers an intuitive way for users to navigate web pages. Using a sprinkling of CSS3, developers can take full control over the exact order in which elements receive focus, to further enhance the browsing experience.