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Raw WebGL 101 — Part 1: Getting Started

by Chris Mills, Erik Möller in Articles

WebGL allows you to create real 3D content and render it in a web browser. This article series provides a gentle introduction to writing raw WebGL, rendering 3D creations without relying on libraries. In this part we aim to get you set up and started, concluding by running through a simple example.

Introduction to HTML5 Video

Introduction to HTML5 Video

by Bruce Lawson, Patrick H. Lauke in Articles

This article gives you an introduction to <video> and some of its associated APIs. We look at why native video support in browsers is important, give an overview of the element’s markup, and outline the most important ways in which video can be controlled via JavaScript.

Video, 3D Canvas and File I/O: Repeat!

by Chris Mills in Blog

We’ve done it again! This article gives you the low down on our all new Opera desktop build with support for the HTML5 <video> element, 3D canvas, and the File I/O API. Find out what it contains, and download builds for Windows, Mac and UNIX!